A Jain monk from Mumbai has broken all records of fasting. Shri Hansratna Vijayji Maharaj has successfully completed the ‘Gunratna Samvatsar Tap’ which involved continuous fasting for 423 days. The Jain Muni survived only on boiled water for these 16 months. Such a ‘tap’ was last performed 2500 years ago.


Hansratna Vijayji is 49 years old at the moment and has been practicing sainthood from the age of 35. In the last 12 years, he has fasted for over 1300 days. The ‘Gunratna Samvatsar Tap’ is considered to be one of the toughest ‘taps’ among the Jains. Lord Mahaveer is said to have completed this ‘tap’ twice !

The facts that Jain monks travel only by foot and have to carry their belongings on their own make such fasting tougher. Since this is a big achievement for the entire Jain community, a ceremony was organised to honour the monk where he broke his fast in the presence of around 15000 people.

In this modern world, it is a matter of pride to have such people with strong will who are keeping the values of religion alive.

Page 2 : VIDEO of Hansratna Vijayji

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