Hukmdev Narayan Yadav of the BJP is a Member of the Parliament and is also a former Union Minister Of State.


Originally from Bijuli in the Darbhanga district of Bihar, Hukmdev’s political career started in the year 1960 with the post of Gram Pradhan of the Bijuli Panchayat where he served two terms. From there on, he went on to become the General secretary of the Janata Party in Bihar and was now re-elected as a member of the Lok Sabha for the 5th time.

Hailing from the backward classes, Hukmdev has knowledge of the atrocities faced by the backward classes in this country and how the Congress has used these classes for their own political upliftment.

We bring you his speech in the Lok Sabha on the General Budget Discussion which was hilarious yet satirical. He talked about the messiah of the backward classes, Dr. Lohia and slammed the oppositions by presenting facts. His passionate speech delivery left the entire parliament in splits, including PM Modi but it served the prime purpose of putting his point across.

Watch the compilation VIDEO of the funny moments from his speech on Page 2


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