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There was a debate on NDTV today on whether action taken by court on Gandhi Pariwar is Vendetta Politics. Anchor of that debate was Vikram Chandra and as expected, NDTV tries its best to bat for Congress.


Dr. Subramanian Swamy joined the debate for the initial 8 minutes and only these 8 mins seem to be good. Other part just contains Congress and NDTV trolling BJP Spokesperson.

It starts with question to Dr Swamy from Vikram Chandra that if it is Political Vendetta to which, Dr. Swamy replied by saying, few days back, Congress referred to Swamy as a man with no importance in BJP and now he seems to be Gunman of BJP dictated by Modi as told by Congress, so these are mere allegations.

Page 2 : Swamy gives list of instances when Sonia tried to FLEE


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