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History, wrote Karl Marx, repeats itself—first as tragedy, second as farce. The Congress top brass seems to have taken the first part of the quote as gospel truth. Indira Gandhi lost massively in 1977, but sprung back by playing the victim a year later as the government of the day lost steam; after being in the Opposition for less than three years, she was back in office. Indira was persecuted and prosecuted by the Janata Party, thus gaining sympathy of the people; Sonia Gandhi is being harassed today. Indira came back to power; ergo, so would Sonia. QED.


This is a comforting but misleading syllogism for various reasons. First, political conditions have undergone a sea change since the late 1970s. The days of the grand old party’s dominance are over. Whereas the Congress’ alternative at that time, the Janata Party, was a hodgepodge of diverse ideological groupings and bickering partners, whereas the Bharatiya Janata Party is a much more solid and formidable opponent to the Congress.

Page 2 : How Indira’s & Sonia’s times differ


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