The ‘Baadshah’ of Bollywood, Sharukh Khan was in the news recently for his remarks on the apparent ‘intolerance’ in the country. His negative remarks earned him severe backlash from all sections of the society.

But it seems now that SRK has learnt his lesson as he has clearly declined the presence of any sort of intolerance in the country or any sort of discrimination. He says instead that India is progressing and he can feel it. He touts himself to be patriotic and a true nationalist, asking for God to bless India.

He has, with the help of his wit and humor, tried to play down the controversy his comments gave rise to. His apology is like the icing on the cake.

But is this something he truly feels or is he just trying to come out clean ? Or is he trying to hog the limelight since his movie is set to release this week (though he has denied this, who wouldn’t) ?

We leave that for you to figure. Meanwhile we bring you the VIDEO where he has apologized on national television.

Page 2 : VIDEO of SRK apologizing


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