Arvind Kejriwal has been alleging Arun Jaitley to have been involved in the DDCA scam. The BJP has however denied these false allegations and condemned them, with HRD Minister Smriti Irani speaking from the front.


In a press conference held today, Smriti said that these allegations are part of a dirty trick of Arvind Kejriwal to deflect the attention of the people from the corruption case of his principal secretary, Rajender Kumar. She also said that these acts of Kejriwal are also an insult to Anna Hazare, with whom Kejriwal was involved in the anti-corruption movement.

Smriti also cited various reports of the DDCA, which showed that there was no involvement of Arun Jaitley in any wrongdoing whatsoever. Slamming Kejriwal for falsely accusing a revered and respected leader, she said that the BJP was, is and will stand by it’s honest and senior leader.

Page 2 : VIDEO of Smriti’s address 


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