Ever since Nrendra Modi came to power, there are scores of people who are hell-bent on defaming him. They have accused him of false promises. They have judged his potential to be just good oratory skills and no actual work.

But these people aren’t focusing on the other side of the coin. They say he has been roaming all around the world and spending taxpayer’s money. But what they fail to see are the outcomes of these trips. What they fail to see is the cuts in his foreign expenditure, which is way low in comparison to that of his predecessor Manmohan Singh. What they fail to see is the number of hours this man is putting in, the number of sleepless nights.

Some people are just too hard to convince. So here’s a video which sums up all of Modiji’s achievements till date. It is also possible that these critics of his actually admire him but are too shy to admit it. Anyhow we whole-heartedly believe in this man and agree that there couldn’t have been a better man for this post.

This video is for all of Modiji’s true admirers and more so for all his critics. .

Page 2 : VIDEO which will fill you with pride !


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