Arvind Kejriwal shot to fame with the anti-corruption movement, more popularly known as “India Against Corruption”. This movement was led by Anna Hazare with Kejru playing the sidekick. Though Anna’s intentions were clear, Kejriwal’s were not. It is no surprise now that he is full of false promises and corruption. What an irony !

In this video here, Arvind Kejriwal is seen describing the ‘kursi’ or rather the position of power as something that entices people who get it. He says that there’s some sort of ‘gadbad’ with this ‘kursi’. He also mentions that this is big concern for all part of their movement.

Cut to today and this video seems so hilariously funny that you won’t be able to control yourself. But this video does give a logical explanation for Kejriwal’s activities.

What power do a man’s honesty and principles hold in front of a ‘kursi’ eh ?

Kejriwal’s is a ‘gadbad wali khursi’ for sure !

Page 2 :  The hilarious VIDEO


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