No matter how much the governments try, there will always be fringe elements who are an obstruction in Indo-Pak peace. Here’s one such example.


An international debate was conducted between India and Pakistan’s news channels. The debate had participants from both India and Pakistan. BJP’ Sambit Patra was speaking from India’s side. From Pakistan were two people, of which one was a woman. The debate took a wrong turn when the Pakistanis resorted to defamation and instigation. They used derogatory terms to describe our PM Modi and made false allegations against the RSS. That is when Sambit Patra set off.

Like Modiji, the entire BJP is full of strong-minded and disciplined people, Sambit Patra being one of them. Sambit Patra took them to task and reminded them of their misdeeds. He reminded them how Pakistan has surrendered to India and lost to India multiple times. He also warned them to mind their tongue or they would have to face India’s wrath again. Sambit Patra’s lashing shut the Pakistanis up and reminded them of their actual stature.

Page 2 : VIDEO of Subramaniam Swamy Thrashing Pak media


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