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As we witnessed, when Sonia and Rahul Gandhi were made to appear in the Patiala House court in Delhi, there were various demonstrations across the country by few Conngress supporters, even tearing their shirts and shouting out their support towards Sonia Madam and Rahul Gandhi on case.


When they came out with bail bond and guarantee of 50000 INR signed by AK Antony and Priyanka Vadra for Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, these ignorant supporters rejoiced as if they had won the case. Remember what Sonia said, that she is Daughter in Law of Indra Gandhi and she is not afraid of anything. She would prefer jail then bail, then why Bail of 50000 INR?

In Mumbai, few of the revolting Congress supporters were questioned by the media on what exactly is National Herald Case and as expected, none of them had answers on what exactly this case is.

Forget insights, They even could not answer that National Herald was a Newspaper.

Page 2 : VIDEO of these hilariously ignorant Congress workers


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