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As many including critics are interested on various small aspects of PM Modi and have raised various Right to Information(RTI) in order to get the information. Critics might be interested to make a national issue of smallest misuse or even an misinformation. Here are the various RTIs raised and answers to each of them.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who once called himself the “Pradhan Sewak”, is walking the talk, and how. He has not taken a single day off after taking charge on May 26, 2014, his office replied to a query posted through Right to Information (RTI). While the specific question was how many sick and casual leave were availed by prime ministers in the past 10 years, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has replied only for Modi. On whether Modi follows any official working hours, the reply was “he’s on duty all the time”.

The PM has had an engaging international calendar during the past 18 months, with 18 foreign trips and spending 89 days away from the country, government data shows. A Russia trip is coming up next week. His domestic tours have been much shorter, mostly confined to a day each. From May 26, 2014, to October 26, 2015, Modi went on 10 trips, spanning 11 days, within India. That makes it a total of 100 days on the move within one and a half years.

Page 2 : Response to RTI plea inquiring about Modi’s telephone & internet expenses


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