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“Intolerance in India” Sadhguru JV of Isha foundation slaps all the intolerant Birgade with his fluent answers.


His words are:

People, who are shouting intolerance in India have obviously have not visited and seen condition outside India. In our country, anyone can become prime minister, president, cricketer or any role depending on his credentials. This is the only country where many religious ideology people gel and live together.

India has given a majority mandate to a Government and critics even if they have not voted or wished for this government to come to power should shut up and allow government to work for 5 years since its because of Majority wanted it. India has even 600 million poor people who have not a choice to eat daily but a fate that they will eat today or remain hungry and even in this situation, people are citing Intolerance? this is not intolerance but selfishness of these people.

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