Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, who had raised a storm with his comments on intolerance, is now backing away. Just a few days ago, he had admitted on Rajdeep’s show that he had a strong feeling that there exists intolerance, religious intolerance in the nation.

We quote his words :

“There is intolerance, extreme intolerance.” He confirmed these feelings of his on being asked by Rajdeep again. He also went on to say this : “There is growing intolerance.”

We do not like to make statements without evidences so here is the video :

The video makes his views very clear. But he is backing out now. He is denying that he never made any such statements. He says that his statements were misconstrued and mis-constructed whereas it is crystal clear that he has made these statements. He has however termed this mis-construction to be saddening and the most shocking part is that he hasn’t apologized for any of this. He has just said that he regrets it and that is all he can say !

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Page 2 :  More excerpts from SRK’s latest VIDEO and the VIDEO


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