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Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party are growing more and more powerful day by day. Where are they drawing this strength from? Their supporters have defied every sense, logic and are firmly behind him. Kejriwal wields remarkable influence on these supporters who would more than just die for him.


  • They clapped when Kejriwal sided with Shahzad of Batla House fame and Ishrat Jahan of LET fame and called them innocent/shaheed.
  • They clapped when Kejriwal married Congress to form govt. After building a whole career out of Anti-Congressism.
  • They clapped when Kejriwal’ solution to every problem was doing Dharna, blocking traffic and abusing police.
  • They clapped when Kejriwal’s Gurga raided some Black women and made them pee publicly, terming it a daredevil instance.
  • They clapped when his PM ambitions led him to Varanasi and ditch Delhi.
  • They clapped when he gave tickets to well known maoist and naxal sympathizers and cosied up to terrorist lovers.

Page 2 : More illogical instances where Kejriwal was hailed by his supporters


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