We are bringing to you the sad and heart-wrenching story of a village named ‘RahulGram’ in the Bundelkhand district of Uttar Pradesh. This village was formerly known as Tapariyan. But there is an interesting story behind it getting renamed as ‘RahulGram Tapariyan’.


This village got its new name after the visit of Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi in the year 2008. This was one of Rahul Gandhi’s famed visits to the poor households in the rural areas of the country. The intention of these visits was shown to be the better understanding of these people’s atrocities and to solve their problems. But they turned out to be tricks to gain political mileage and the media’s attention. We are going to prove this claim of ours here today.

Rahul Gandhi visited Tapariyan (then) in 2008, and in particular he visited the house of one Halki Bai there. Rahul Gandhi not only had dinner at her house, but also spent a night there, apparently to understand her difficulties better. Rahul Gandhi had also promised to solve the problems of all the villagers including Halki Bai. This event gave the villagers a new hope.

But alas, it wasn’t to be.

Today, 7 years later, the people of Tapariyan are still in the same state of despair they were 7 years ago. Rahul Gandhi’s visit and stay was just another publicity stunt. Rahul Gandhi not just made false promises to these people, but the district Congress also adopted the village and got it’s name changed to ‘RahulGram Tapariyan’ overnight.


Unfortunately, the state of RahulGram Tapariyan is same as that of Rahul Gandhi, sorry.

Zee News has covered this story extensively and also interviewed the villagers including Halki Bai and tried to bring this to the people’s notice.

Watch the VIDEO below :

VIDEOS of another village in Bundelkhand where poverty-stricken people are forced to eat rotis made of grass on Page 2 


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