From ballistic missiles to the nuclear submarine, India will have all these weapons to make itself a superpower by 2020!

1. AURA (Autonomous Unmanned Research Aircraft)


Novel Air Concept 2GADGETS and gizmos that could provide a front-line force for troops of the future have helped to launch the MOD’s new Defence Technology Plan.The Defence Technology Plan is the first time the MOD has unveiled its long-term research needs. It underlines the importance of science and technology in providing cutting-edge kit for the battlefield.

DRDO is also developing the AURA (Autonomous Unmanned Research Aircraft) which is an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle for the Indian Air Force. The design work on the UCAV is carried out by Aeronautical Development Agency (ADE). The AURA UCAV will be a tactical stealth aircraft built largely with composites, and capable of delivering laser-guided strike weapons. It would be a stealthy flying-wing concept aircraft with internal weapons and a turbofan engine.

#7 The missile will have a range of 1,000 km and will arm three services, the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force!


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