[Post Credit : SatyaVijayi.Com]


During coverage of Pathankot attacks, NDTV and Barkha Dutt repeated the same mistakes(lets call them deliberate attempts) so to help terrorists in Pathankhot air base so as they get all logistics and strategy of Indian Army and NSG.

There was few other persons, Nikhil Gokhale and Frank O’Donnel doing the same and Barkha retweeting most of the live updates. This could be done just to misguide everyone that it was just a retweet.

We already saw how Dr Gaurav Pradhan and Retd Colonel Kurup exposed NDTV.

The tweet series where Barkha Dutt and Nitin Gokhale leaked live strategies and vital information of the Army and NSG to alarm terrorists on Page 2.


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