Data recovery has always remained a huge problem for computer users. There are plenty of ways things can go wrong and files get deleted. Sometimes you accidentally end up deleting the files yourself and at other times it’s the Trojan or virus that delete the files even you don’t ever get to know about them unless one day you need those files but unfortunately you don’t find them. So, what to do when you need some important files but they are not available at your computer or storage device? Of course, the only way you can get those files back is by using some software that recovers lost data.

Problems With Old Softwares

There have been several windows data recovery programs in the past but they all had some problems that always made people dislike them more than they liked them. On most occasions, these programs never worked. In the beginning these tools would only recover files within a limited timeframe. Any files that were lost before the given time period could not be recovered. The files that you had somehow able to recover did not include the ones you actually needed. In short, the final search results of these softwares and tools were random and unreliable.

Another huge issue when you wanted to recover deleted files from hard drive was that there were only a select formats that you could recover. When these softwares were first developed their developers thought it was only the working people whose files were important. Therefore, you were able to recover documents but other files could not be recovered. The scanning speeds of these softwares were really slow so it took them ages to scan your entire hard drive if it was a large hard drive’s spaces. Not to mention the biggest problem that you never knew the folders the files were lost from.

Data Recovery Solutions With Wondershare

Wondershare Data Recovery software has finally come up as a complete solution for recovering the lost and deleted files. It can be safely said that this is the most reliable software out there for recovering deleted files. This is probably the only software that allows you to recover deleted files on Mac and Windows with authentication. Most of the softwares are meant for only a particular platform so if the software was for Windows, you as a Mac user felt left out. Even this software that would not only recover files from recycle bin but would provide you all that you missed from previous softwares as well.

In the past, you had no way of previewing your files before you recovered them. The software scanned the files and never showed you their real names. Eventually, you had to recover the files blindly and fill the space on your computer. Later on you realized that you recovered files that you did not need. With Wondershare Data Recovery software you can preview the files before you recover them. In addition to that, you can recover almost any format of the file you can imagine from documents to photos and audio to video files.

While the preview feature is great, the software also recovers the files with their real names so you don’t have to rename the files. The software also includes an intelligent feature that gives you a warning about the data that you might lose in future. The data recovery process has been made extremely simple with Wondershare’s data recovery software. With a few simple questions to ask you are ready to discover all your lost files from the sea of unknown. Wondershare has always been generous with its offers and it keeps the tradition alive by offering the software for free trial so you know what you are getting before you buy it.

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