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On the recent case of Suicide of Rohith Vemula, who apparently belonged to the Dalit category, all the political vultures like Congress, TMC and AAP jumped in to en-cash his death to try and put political brownie points in their kitty and also at the same time and blame the BJP for it.

In yesterday’s “Taal Thok Ke” debate on this case, Rohit Sardana tears arguments of the Congress representative saying that, have you seen a news like ‘A Brahman student committed suicide? A baniya Student committed Suicide?’. Then why special treatment to a Dalit student and why everyone jumps to the party like a special case. The Congress representative was speechless on this.

Watch the VIDEO below (via Sonu Kharb) :



Page 2 : VIDEO of Rohit Sardana EXPOSING Asaduddin Owaisi


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