We all have blamed government, people,  cops, society, media and OTHERS on one occasion or the other for all the bad which has happened. But wait ” WHAT HAVE I CONTRIBUTED TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY ? ” 

Here are Eight Simple Things You Can do without much effort or sacrifice but still can make a really big difference to the Nation.


1. Plant  At Least One Tree Every Year



This women named ‘Thimmakka’ has planted an estimate of 8000 trees so far. When she can do it why can’t we plant at least one every year ?
We have a population of 1.21 billion people in the country. Imagine if at least 10 million people planted one tree every year what difference it will make over 10 years ? A 100 million trees!

If you are planning to do this, plant them in monsoon period and preferably in schools, colleges or any place were you know that your sapling will be taken care of.

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