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The internet is a world in itself. People’s views, perspectives can be pretty accurately ascertained from here. One such platform is Quora, where people express their views on topics or give their answers to questions asked. So here we are today, with a question that was asked about the ‘Yugpurush’ of our nation, Arvind Kejriwal and the answers that followed speak for themselves. Read on.

The Question :


See what the people had to say below. 

Let’s start with a really funny yet logical thesis :

Let us comprehend the anatomy of Kejriwal :-
  1. Kejriwal joined Tata Steel as Engineer. He had a complaint with his work “he wanted to make larger difference to the society “, so he resigned and joined IRS.
  2. However after he joined IRS service, he still had a complaint. He felt “Everyone around him was corrupt and felt suffocated to work there” . So he started an NGO Parivartan to help people with corruption issue.
  3. But at Parivartan, he again had a complaint. He felt Parivartan lacked the glamour and did not yield the hoopla which he had hoped for. So he joined India Against Corruption movement and became a core member of Team- Anna.
  4. Even at IAC he wasn’t happy and had a complaint. He wanted “unmarred spotlight just on himself” . So he hijacked the movement and found  Aam Aadmi Party.
  5. In Feb 2015 he became Chief Minister of Delhi. Today, he is Complaining that Prime minister of India, Lieutenant Governor Delhi, ACB Chief , Delhi Police Commissioner have united against him and are not letting Kejriwal work. So instead of working towards the development of delhi , he is setting up the stage for 2019 General election and a shot at the Prime Minister’s Chair.


Further impending (Complaint) plan of Kejriwal (*Sarcasm*) :-
  1. If he becomes Prime minister of India , he will have a complaint and blame rest of the world for not letting him work. So he proposes to become United Nation General Secretary.
  2. After he becomes UN chief , he will Complaint the gods are conspiring against him. He then challenges the god and proclaims God is Modi agent (with 370 page evidence) and hangs the world on corruption charges.
  3. Kejriwal is the only one left on the earth and he lives happily ever after with No Complaints!!


Jokes apart, to Summarize , Arvind Kejriwal is always looking to pass the buck by creating ruckus on non-issues. This methodology has worked for him and has even given him Delhi Chief Minister’s post. He is now going to apply the same and try and get to Prime Minister’s chair, God bless India!!

Page 2 : Anonymous cites AK’s tweets and asks some questions for which even we are struggling to find answers


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