The AAP party has been exposed once again and along with it the Leftist media, who will go to any extent to malign the Modi government. This latest expose shows how the media posted a part of a blurry video of the Delhi police to build a perspective, to show them beating women.

This incident happened outside the RSS office in Delhi where a group of students from the JNU University were protesting against the death of Rohith Vemula. The students resorted to the use of filthy language and the situation was getting a little out of hand. That is when the Delhi police decided to intervene and take hold of the situation.

But AAP and the ABP news channel in particular decided to make a ruckus out of this by releasing a video which gave the impression of women being beaten by the Delhi police.

The reporter of ABP news tried to portray this in the worst way possible while ignoring the other side of the story. According to sources the video was allegedly released by AAP and they gave it to ABP to hype it in the worst way to malign PM Modi. See the video below.


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AAP member and Delhi Women’s Commission Chairperson Swati Maliwal also tweeted that a notice had been sent to the Delhi police for their alleged brutal behaviour, without knowing the entire story or maybe choosing to ignore it while she knew the truth all the while. You never know.

Also is such language against the PM of the nation justified ? Isn’t this the most shameful thing one can do ?

Page 2 : VIDEO of the Times Now report which shows the video was released by AAP


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