Most of the people in India know about Ravana, through the tales, told by the ancestors. He was known for his intelligence. And even he is known for being the biggest follower of Lord Shiva. Many people see him as a devil, but in Sri Lanka things are different.

Sri Lankan and Indian cultures are very different, even though many hindus live there. . Epics such as the Ramayanaya and the Mahabaratha, while respected, do not have the same level of cultural significance as in India.  While Ravana is respected as a very learned and powerful king, there is no mainstream worship practices. But these practices of worshiping Ravana are trying to get there way in mainstream.

Reasons why Sri Lanka Adores Ravana

1)He was a Brahmarakshasa


Ravana was neither a Rakshasa nor a Brahmin by birth. He was the son of a Rishi – Brahmin Vishrava and his mother was a Kshatriya Rakshasa, Kaikesi. Hence, he was known as Brahmarakshasaa person who possesses the intelligence and strength of a Brahmin and a Rakshasa. This made him special and diffrent from all the others.

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