This planet is inhabited by humans who are all same but different. We have divided our society on so many grounds be it caste, race, religion, sexual preferences and what not. There are both men and women on this planet we know. But then there are also the “others”. These “others” may be eunuchs [(hijras) this is not a respectable term though], transgenders or people with unconventional sexual orientations. But just because these people were made by God in a different mould or just because they do not prefer what the general society does, should they be singled out or discriminated against ? Can you try to imagine the social stigma these groups face at the hands of people ? They are looked upon differently and often end up being secluded from the society. Can you imagine their state when no one is willing to interact with them or when people even fear to share space with them ?

It is time we grow over these stereotypes and be part of the more progressive world we live in today and accept these people, for after all they are humans too. And it is not just about these groups but also others who face discrimination on any basis such as race, colour or religion. It is time we break these barriers and accept all people as one and make this world a better place to live for every human.

Here’s a beautiful song by the ‘Six Pack Band’ featuring Sonu Nigam which is trying to bring people’s attention to such issues and working towards eradicating such discrimination. See the video below and listen carefully to the lyrics.



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