Aamir Khan has been paying for his remarks on intolerance and he has paid dearly. But this time he has been hurt where it hurts the most : the pocket. Aamir has now earned the dubious distinction of being the only Bollywood Khan without any endorsement. First the tourism ministry refused to renew his contract and now even Snapdeal has severed ties with him. Others have also distanced themselves from Aamir, owing to the negative image he has created for himself or should we say for revealing his true face.

See how Aamir has been hurt the most where it hurts and he might as well be looking at joblessness. See the video below.


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Where Aamir got it all wrong (VIDEO)

Aamir Khan, just a few weeks before the Dadri incident had said that his wife Kiran Rao Khan did not feel safe in India anymore and had asked Aamir to move out of India.

But later he took a complete U-turn and denied any such statement. This is where he exposed himself. He tried to gain cheap publicity by defaming the nation but backtracked when he realized that he was being lashed out for his irresponsible statements. See the video below where we expose him or instead, Aamir exposes himself.




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