Terrorism is a broad term. It can be defined in many ways. In general terrorism can be defined as an act of brutal violence on a group of people, mostly for political purposes, to provoke fear among people. In today’s era, terrorism is a constant issue and it is a large obstacle in a peace of our country and around the entire world. Although terrorism has been prominent is last decade, it is going on from centuries. And till now it is not confined to any group of people or community or country but it is not revolving in whole world.

Some of these acts of terrorism are impossible to erase from history to we have compiled a list of 10 terrorist attacks in history.

10) Attacks Of Manhattan


Many people of this generations have not heard about this event but it remains a part of United States of scarred history. On August 3, 1977 a group of people belonging to the Puerto Rican FALN group, which was a very popular nationalist group, attacked the city of Manhattan. The building of defense department of the US as well as the Mobil Oil building came under attack. Although reports show one person to have been killed, this remains one of the worst terrorist attacks in the American history.

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