Feb 9 : On the death anniversary of convicted terrorist Afzal Guru, a group of students tried to arrange a mourning ceremony of sorts in the guise of a ‘cultural event’ at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi. The group of students expressed solidarity with Afzal Guru, who was awarded death punishment for his involvement in the Parliament attack. The students also shouted Pro-Pakistan slogans and slogans like “Shaheed Afzal Guru”.

It is events like these that are breaking this nation and dividing it. On what grounds can a convicted terrorist be termed a ‘martyr’ ? Were these students motivated and were they pawns of a larger political agenda ? This may well be true. See the video below.


Page 2 : The incident as reported by Zee News which exposes the anti-nationals of our country (VIDEO)


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