Even though hockey is our national game cricket holds a special position in our hearts. Cricket is the most celebrated game of India. And excellence in this specific game can lead to the life changing experiences foe people.

Cricket is a thrill both to play the game and to watch it and its importance is no less than any sporting event. The game also encourages team spirit, fosters discipline, helps build up character and brings out the quality of leadership.



Lets enlist the reasons why one should prefer a career in Cricket instead of engineering.

  1. Popularity

If you are an Engineer forget about settling in life.In a country like India where there is no guarantee of job, getting the job is itself a huge task with huge competition around.


As per survey India will have 80% engineers without a job in next few years.But if you are cricketer I don’t have to tell you anything you can be cricketer, Commentator, Coach or even content writer for cricket some way you will get settled in life.


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