‘Whatever happens, happens for good’, this saying seems going wrong in case of Haryana, which is suffering from the agony of ‘Jat Andolan’. We all must be going with the flow of violence which erupted in Haryana but we forgot, what impact this violent agitation can have on the future of this state ?


Haryana is considered to be one of the backward states of our country, which was growing with a brisk speed  and was heading towards a promising future. All the Multinational Companies was setting up their plants, employment opportunities was rising, standard of living of people was getting to a new level but the question that arises is ‘Will this happen now’ ?

The answer is simple, its a clear ‘No’ ! Why would anyone invest in your state when you yourself cannot take care of your state. This Jat Andolan has taken Haryana 25 years back, which will now take some 25 more years to recover.

Read further to know the story behind Jat Andolan.


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