In our country we have series of stereotypes which are still in a waiting list to attend the stage of broken. Being a girl I suppose most of the lady had experienced a same childhood which was full of colorful memory.
During my childhood what I extremely enjoyed is playing with doll, decorate her like a bride, giving instruction of being a good sorry not good but a adarshwadi typical bride who respect her in laws who have responsibility of feeding their family, who know how to cook!
why I trained my doll in this manner because I watch my mother doing the same activity and there is nothing wrong because these morals are signs of a good human being also but today I realise that wrong thing in any other place.


Equality starts in the toy room

It was that when i was pursuing play with doll, my brother was watching a film, or may be playing sports. He never taught to learn a housework such as washing clothes, cooking, or other things of housework stir.

What the term of Feminism means here


Feminism is for every woman in the world. It doesn’t matter whether she has had an easy life or not. Feminism means women are equal to men. But it doesn’t mean that you hate men. Marriage is not a destination It is not a girl’s job to groom herself for marriage.
Earlier today, we have a advertisement on this issue which slowly warm up the picture of this stereotype, in continuation with their #ShareTheLoad campaign, released a new ad which connected with us at a very personal level.

Here we have a glimpse of that house which portraying a protagonist who try to give a perfect balance between housework and professional work. while viewing her daughter like this her father realises her mistake. The mistake which still running in our society but here every person must learn what the father of this ad had done or took action for setting a good example for the people of this nation!

This can be achieved only when the kid sees the parents divide household chores equally and happily. The ad emphasizes upon starting the gender discussion pretty early on, and we couldn’t agree more.


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