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In February 2004, Indian J&K police had shot dead Ehsan Ilahi, a LeT terrorist. The Information Bureau (IB)-led operation that followed, gathered information about a certain LeT operative Javed Sheikh’s plans and lured him to Ahmedabad where Gujarat police awaited the arrival of his car. The IB used a source to entice Javed and his team to come to India to target Narendra Modi and laid a trap. In an encounter that followed, four members were killed by the Gujarat police. The four members were Javed Sheikh himself (born Pranesh Pillai), Zeeshan Johar, Amjad Ali Rana and a woman Ishrat Jahan.


When this whole episode happened, the central government in power was that of UPA and Shivraj Patil was the Home Minister. At that time, the UPA government took a firm stand that Ishrat was a LeT operative and the encounter was genuine. The government’s stand took a complete U-turn when P Chidambaram became the Home Minister.

In all of this, Chidambaram and the Congress saw a golden opportunity to target the Gujarat police and thereby the Modi government by accusing them of getting a 19-year old girl from the minority community killed, even if this meant going against their own IB, siding with the terrorist organization LeT and destroying the security apparatus of India.

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