Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi pass in his exam of presenting a perfect Budget to the country ?

Every Sunday starts on a good note as our PM Modi connects to us through ‘Man ki Baat’ and gives us valuable opinions and suggestions on various issues that we very often face. But this time just like students are preparing for their board exams even PM Modi is preparing to serve people with a perfect Budget.

Presenting Annual Budget is one of the most demanding tasks of the government, as the government has to look in every perspective of everything, nothing should be left. All eyes are on Modi Government as they presents the Annual Budget. In his ‘Man ki Baat’ PM Modi has admitted that its his exam and whole country will judge him on the basis of his performance of Budget, whether he will pass or not in his exam?

See Video to hear the full audio of PM Modi’s ‘Man ki Baat’ :

Read further to know what valuable message our Prime Minister gave to the students who will be appearing for their board exams ?


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