The temple of Balaji built in mehandipur is very famous especially in northern part of india.The first mahant of the temple was shri ganeshpuriji maharaj and the present mahant of the temple shri Kishorpuriji is very strict to follow vegetarian and reading holy books.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple1

The temple of shree siyaram bhagvan in front of balaji mandir was very beautiful and the murtis of siyaram bhagvan is very beautiful .The person who is suffering from evil spirits (sankatwalas) get relief from sankat by the methods like arji,sawamani ,darkhast,bhog of bundi ke laddu offering to balaji maharaj ,rice and urad pulse to bhairav baba (kotval kaptan,head of army and pretraj sarkar king of evil spirits).Saturday and Tuesday are the busiest day in temple because they both are the days of hanumanji.The prasad from mandir is distributed in nearby schools, colleges, and Hostels and many other public places free of cost.

In several parts of India, Hanuman is also fondly called as Balaji (meaning venerable boy) as the childhood form is highly desired by the devotees. The central feature of the temple is the ritualistic healing and exorcism of evil spirits that is done here.

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