While a man should not be judged by his job no more than a woman is by her dress, truth is it happens all the damn time. There are certain professions that are glamorous enough to bag you dates even if you are just an average looker otherwise. Can any woman ever resist the charm of a drop-dead handsome pilot strutting about the airport in a crispy white uniform? Now this doesn’t mean you should choose you profession based on how glamrous it is believed to be—hello, what happened to doing what you love—but just in case, your passion lies in some of these professions.


Here’s one great reason to pursue them! Here’s one way to have your cake and eat it too!



Which woman wouldn’t want to be snapped at her beautiful best all the time?! And who wouldn’t fall for someone who has the ability to find beauty in everything? A photographer who travels is one of the best boyfriend materials out there.

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