Twitter space is a place where there is high debate on all the current issues, be it sports, national issues or Bollywood. One can also say that every news flows out of Twitter first. And with millions of people on Twitter, different viewpoints of people are expressed here. But among these innumerous accounts, there are few that stand out. Few of these are parody accounts of Indian celebs, the most popular ones being that of cricketer Ravindra Jadeja and of legendary Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal. These accounts are constantly active and there are a large part of the ‘Tweeple’ that agree with the views expressed by these accounts.

So here we are today with instances where these accounts just hit bull’s eye ! First up is @SirJadeja, who is an all-rounder on Twitter, much like the real one on field.

There’s a difference between contrary viewpoints and anti-nationalism. Many need to understand this better.

rj contrary

Page 2 : SirJadeja nails Kanhaiyya like a boss !!


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