As expected the Vijay Mallya issue was raised in Rajya Sabha by the Opposition, the opposition created an uproar over Business tycoon Vijay Mallya leaving the country. But the government was fully prepared to give opposition a perfect answer, Arun Jaitley took the center stage from the government side to answer all questions.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley assured the Opposition in Rajya Sabha that a CBI investigation is underway and justice will be served soon. Jaitley also pointed out that attachments of Mallya’s assets have taken place. The finance minister further clarified that the liquor baron managed to flee the country on March 2, as the CBI lookout order reached the authorities after March 2.

Watch Video, how softly Arun Jaitley attacked Congress over Vijay Mallya Row:

A group of mainly state-run banks had moved the Supreme Court on 5 March to prevent the businessman from leaving India.

Read further to know when was the first time that the banking facility was provided to Vijay Mallya.


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