From citing the increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to India’s commitment to climate change and providing highest number of cooking gas connection in rural areas, Mr. Modi talks about his achievements in creating a business environment in India.

There is no doubt in how much the Modi government is concerned for our country, and this kind of showed up in terms of giving the pace to Indian economy. The achievements of Narendra Modi-led NDA government are being blackened out.


Let’s talk about some of Modi led government’s achievements which main stream media is ignoring as they are more focused on those mere acts of popularity by anti-nationalists.

First one,

FDI in India has increased by 39% in the last 18 months, at a time when global FDI has fallen. Since this Government took office, growth increased and inflation decreased. Foreign investment has increased and fiscal deficit decreased. In less than two years, this governement have taken India to the top of global league tables of foreign investment and growth.

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