As Indian cinema turns 101, let us look back at some of the forbidden yet celebrated love stories of Bollywood. Time and time again, we hear about budding love affairs amongst Bollywood stars. While some go on to tie the knot, many end up with broken hearts. Here are the 8 unsuccessful love stories of the most successful celebrities of Bollywood. These are the off-screen romances of Indian cinema, left on an incomplete note.

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Dilip Kumar and Madhubala


The personification of seduction- Madhubala, had an indeed serious relationship with the legendary actor Dilip Kumar. The duo did not shy away from media and never attempted to hide their relationship. It was the premier of their movie Insaniyat, where the press noticed them publicly walking with interlocked hands, thus leaving no scope for any questions. Their relationship was an open secret, but then why they did not get married? A question that still haunts many of their fans!

After so many years, in 2014, Dilip Kumar finally broke his silence on his relationship with Madhubala in his autobiography, Dilip Kumar: The Substance and the Shadow.

In a recently released excerpt from his book, the thespian says, “I must admit that I was attracted to her (Madhubala), both as a fine co-star and as a person who had some of the attributes I hoped to find in a woman at that age and time.”
Not surprising, even though this love-story came to a tragic end, but the two names- Dilip-Madhubala are still taken in one breath by lovers.


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