Birth Of Girl Child: An Outcome Of Bad Weather



Becoming parents is an overwhelming experience for couples. Long before the delivery of the baby, couples not only start deciding the names of the child but also discussing about the gender of the baby. Some even take many tests to determine the sex of the child. Although it is illegal yet some in desire of male child, do it. Most of the societies in this world are male dominating and this can be the reason of desire for male child.


If we check history, giving birth to male child used to be a great deal for couples. In some families, after giving birth to a male, women were viewed in a different and more dignified way. In earlier days, people used to use different tricks to determine the production of a boy. There is one such trick that was popular in greece that-” while making love men should face east.”


There are a lot of taboos that exist in our society regarding the birth of male or female child. Some even think that bad weather or getting pregnant during ramzaan could be a reason for production of girl child. There is also a taboo that influential or elite families have more chances to reproduce male child.


Considering the studies done by scientists all over the world, one should stay away from such tricks and taboos that still exist in society. They say, sex determination of a child depends upon following factor:

it is male chromosomes(XY) that decides whether a child will be a girl or a boy- as female unfertilized egg carries only X chromosome. If X chromosome of male carried by sperm combines with female egg then girl will be conceived and if Y chromosome of male combines with female X chromosome then boy will be conceived. So the chance of birth of either is 50:50.

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