Samajwadi Party MLA Gives Lessons On Becoming a Perfect Politician


Uttar Pradesh is ready for the battleground, with election dates commencing and parties trying to project their best to the audience, amid the foggy weather and murky politics, we bring you a video that will show how Samajwadi Party has managed to be in power and what has been their mantra for success in the recent years. It is none other than an MLA from their own Party who has opened up about their parties filthy route of coming to success.


Tasleem Ahmed elected MLA from Bijnor’s Najibabad constituency in western Uttar Pradesh spills out words of Hooligans and is trying to give knowledge on how to become a perfect politician taking the ‘GUNDAGARDI’ route.

After all the family drama happening within the Samajwadi Party and signs of collaboration with Congress to win The ‘Mini Bharat‘ elections, we don’t think we should cast votes and bring leaders with such mentality into power.

Both the SP and the BSP mired up in a mess, the stars are beginning to smile on BJP – not because the cash situation has eased but because the opposing parties look less promising. Indeed, in politics and chess, you win because your opponent loses. In other words, you cannot win unless your opponent falters or gets careless.

Watch The Video Here Where SP leader is spilling cheap words on becoming a Politician