Why You Should Drink Tea In Summers?


Tea lovers are often asked, ‘How they can have chai under a hot sun?  the answer could be out or could be simple, hot teas do not make you feel warm in summer. On the contrary, they may just be helping you feel cooler.


Here Are Some Reasons Why You should Drink Tea In Summers


Tea will cool your body down

A larger portion of people likes chai or tea, drinkers belong to tropical or desert regions. Many studies have begun to emerge that say one should actually not skip on their tea during hot weather. This is because they may help you cool down.

In 2012, a study was published by Ollie Jay which concluded that after the ingestion of warm drink by the body, the overall heat storage in the body gets lowered after exercise as compared to the body temperature after having cool drinks.

The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the concept of sweating induced by tea or hot beverages. Once a person has tea, there is increased heat load in his body, making him sweat more. As a result of the increased sweat output, there is more sweat evaporation in the body, making it cool down. For a drink at 50˚C, there is a 570ml sweat loss from the body, increasing heat loss due to evaporation and lowering body heat storage.


Ice will heat your body up

On the contrary, cold drinks or ice are known to have a warming impact on your body. In the second study by Jay, it was indicated that after ingesting ice, there was a reduction in heat loss from the body as a result of decreased sweat evaporation from the skin surface. The changes in body temperatures are known to implicate endurance performance. As a result of this, having ice can negatively impact your performance as there would be an increase in body heat, making the exercise harder.