Rudra Ravi Sharma A Self Made Young Entrepreneur !

A staunch Right-Winger, a head-strong personality, a go-getter and what now. Named Rudra Ravi Sharma, who is now, leading one of India’s leading web portal has all good things attached to his name.

Someone who has seen success at such young age provided he is 26, never left his ground but only aimed to touch whatever little is still out of his radar. Knows Politics inside-outside, Rudra Ravi Sharma is someone you can completely rely on over any political matter.



Rudra has made many such “hard-hitting” videos on social agendas and political information that can provide a bag full of information to anyone. He has been giving motivational tips to his team since the day he started his own venture. 
Rudra Ravi Sharma is a well-known twitter celebrity and keeps on tweeting about various issues. A true disciple of Lord Shiva Rudra Ravi Sharma is a kind of person that a youngster imagine to be when he grows up.

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