About us

Insistpost is one of the fastest growing news web portal. It was incorporated on April, 2015. It’s been one year only and it has become a popular web portal among millions of people and is counted among top 100 websites today in India It will serve as a trusted guide to the crush of news and ideas around you. With thoughtful analysis and fearless views our team of editors and writers will track news in India and the world, and provide a perspective that is reflective of a changing dynamic. It curates the most popular trending news item and current discussion topics on social media and storifies them for you to present as latest breaking news across entertainment, sports, business and popular categories. Our proprietary software picks up the most relevant Indian and English news, discussion topics, current trends and local updates happening in India, US and around the world from all the popular social media platforms and converts them into an easily readable news format which can be consumed by you., IP intends to give its readers quality content which contains not just news but also infotainment, which is one of the major needs of modern and digital journalism.