Agarbatti is good for Health

India is the world’s main incense producing country, and is a healthy exporter to other countries. Incense burning has taken place in India for thousands of years, and India exported the idea to China and Japan, and other Asian countries.

The burning of agarbatti or incense in religious and social functions has been practiced in India since early times. The major raw materials for agarbatti are bamboo sticks and different powders. Its natural mix of aromas helps eliminate bad odor from the surrounding. Indeed, apart from blessing the aura with a mesmerizing aroma, burning an incense stick has a lot of benefits.

Burning an Incense stick relaxes our body and mind. When body and mind are relaxed, we are at our best and our same attitude boosts in us oodles of confidence. It is suggested to light an incense stick before a big date, test or an interview. Certain scents trigger an immediate response to our brain through our smelling sense. Hence, scents from agarbatti help in relieving a headache. The soothing effect of Incense sticks helps a person to fight against insomnia. Its sedative properties aid in relaxing the body and helps give you a good sleep.

Here is some reasons to use Agarbatti:

  1. To practice yoga.

You don’t want to be breathing toxic fumes, artificial fragrances, and yucky junk when practicing yoga.

  1. To meditate.

Tantalize your sense of smell as you sink into bliss.

  1. To unwind.

Ultimately life is about feeling good, connecting with oneself, and finding a sacred moment in this busy world to simply be.Curled up with a mug of tea and a book.

  1. To encourage emotional release.

Scents can be geared specifically towards encouraging emotional reactions. Some foster tranquility, calming our nervous system; others promote a sense of joy and energy. Some incense fragrances even heighten sensuality and physical arousal.

  1. To deepen spirituality.

Incense is like a portal for me to deepen my attention spiritually. Historically, incense has been used to uplift the spirit, heighten the senses, and bring peace and harmony to the mind.