Incense sticks – A healthy way

Incense sticks also called agarbattis are fragranced sticks used from ancient period by people all over the world. The evolution of incense stick could be from the burning of aromatic woods in the primitive period. As mankind gained civilization and became more religious, these fragranced agarbattis played important role in daily rituals.

Cultural Beliefs:

The purpose of burning agarbatti is to purify the bad air. The holy smoke prevents unwanted bad energy and bad spirit from entering home. This is used for fragrance which symbolically suggests the presence of the deity and the love of deity.

The use of incense stick is recorded in Old Testament, the Vedas, and other ancient books. Agarbattis were commonly used in different places of worship like churches, monasteries, mosques, and temples. Incense was widely in countries like Egypt, Greece, China, Japan, and India.

People belonging to different religion used agarbattis in their ritual worship. Offering to God was made by lighting these agarbattis as it purifies the atmosphere. The refreshing fragrance of the incense stick spreads into the air to make a serene  atmosphere helping the devotees to have calm frame of mind. The soothing and purified atmosphere helps in meditation.


A good incense stick is made from natural ingredients like camphor, clove, sandalwood, kasturi manjal, saffron, sweet smelling flowers like rose, jasmine, green jasmine, oils of fragranced flowers, and aromatic woods. Another important material used in incense is medicinal herbs, which helps to create soothing atmosphere.


‘Loban’ or “Benzoin” is actually extracted from the resin out of the Boswellia tree, which is then further churned into creating oils and incense. As we inhale the incense of Loban/Benzoin, it directly affects the TRPV3 protein in our brain, producing warm sensations on the skin. Connecting with one’s sense of smell through the use of incense is a profound way to heighten awareness. Incense can prove incredibly beneficial to one’s yoga or meditation practice, as well as a soothing ritual to feel at home and comforted on any day. Find an aroma that resonates with you and welcome the healing power of incense into your life.