See befitting Reply Of LomHarsh On Amitabh Bacchan Statement On Him And India

The Director of upcoming patriotic film “Yeh Hai India”, Lomharsh said that now every Indian Must unite for the Nations Pride and all .should come together if it comes to our nation.


Recently M.r Amitabh Bachahan told that It’s really painful to listen about India that Its a third nation. And some hard words said by Lom that.

“We are still the land of snake charmers for western people. Our students faces racism attacks overseas. Many of them lost their life’s too. These attacks are not on Individual, these are against the entire nation, our nation ‘INDIA’. People have forgotten our contribution and we need to stand together to tell the world the true potential of India and Indians”, added Lomharsh.


Lomharsh is an Indo Australian film maker. While Yeh Hai India is the first movie directed by him but he is no stranger to film-making having worked on international projects in Australia as well as on several International documentaries.

“Yeh Hai India” is a movie about the whole country and we are extremely proud that it is getting noticed and appreciated,” said Lomharsh.

Yeh Hai India

The 74-year-old megastar Amitabh Bachchan  said that its painful to call India third world country and hopes that soon in future it shall no longer be a developing, but a developed nation.

“India… The developing nation… The third world nation? Painful to be titled thus… and pray and believe that in time it shall no longer be developing but developed in its status and become the first world than the third,” he added.